Monday, November 07, 2005

Hugh Logan, more

The ABH writes up a long career in politics here.

We've lived in Athens all our lives, and indeed, one of your crack editorial staff lives in the district that Logan represented on the ACC Commission, but we're a little embarrassed to admit that we didn't know that Logan had also served in the State House.

The political history of Athens lost an icon yesterday.


monticello_pres said...

Mr. Logan was a wonderful man with so many relationships in Athens. He - along with Dan McGill - have knowledge about the Classic City that will never be seen in the history books. We certainly lost one of the best among us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's one of the few remaining gentlemen in politics. He was unfailingly polite and even kind to his opponents, and even had a sense of humor during the last campaign when David Lynn defeated him. The last time I saw him he was moving pretty carefully, and I reached around him to give him a pat, which he turned into a surprisingly brisk but strong hug. He never held your opinions against you, that's for sure. I really rue the loss of dignity in politics... it seems like as the old ones pass on the new folks favor meanness and low blows over fair discussion.


Publius said...

Ahhhh, I don't know. A good book that everyone interested in campaign politics should read is "Scorpion Tongues." I'm too lazy to look up the author at the moment, but Amazon should have it. It's an interesting read about how politics has pretty much always been less than civil.

I guess my take on it is that regardless of the time, you've got classy folks, and not so classy folks, and some of both end up in politics.

I didn't agree with many of Logan's views, but he was always classy, a lesson that some of our current crop of Commissioners would do well to learn.