Monday, November 28, 2005

Is the ABH Bigoted?

You know, there’s nothing that gives us the editorial red-ass faster than when folks play the race card without any justification.  Here at AthPo, we’re more than willing to call a racist a racist (that means you, Rep. Burmiester), but we’re also willing to get good and steamed when people throw baseless accusations of racism around.  And that’s what’s happening in Sunday’s ABH.

Seems that folks are getting their panties in a wad because the ABH took exception to State Rep. Keith Heard (D-Athens, kind of) calling out the Mayor and Commission on the poverty issue.  

For what it’s worth, while we think that Heard was right on in calling the Mayor and Commission out, we also acknowledge that the desire to avoid talking about raising the hotel-motel tax was at least one element in Heard’s sudden stand.  We also would point out that, as a legislator, Heard has been, to say the least, passive on poverty.  He’s made most, if not all, of the right votes, but he’s never really been proactive in pushing his own ideas through.

All of that is really neither here nor there, however.  The real point is that the ABH, for all of its faults, isn’t motivated by race when they criticize Heard.  

Shoot us some backwards spit.

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