Thursday, November 10, 2005

Courtesy of the Oconee County Democrats

The Oconee County Democratic Committee will be busy before Christmas.
From 7-8 pm this Tuesday, November 15, there will be two grass roots organizing parties with a teleconference call from Chairman Howard Dean to unleash the 50 state strategy for 2006. City Council member Fred Johnson is hosting a party for his precinct in North High Shoals at his 1191 Falcon Ridge Drive home (706-769-2569). John and Barbara Stewart are also hosting an event at their home at 1301 Northwest Road in Northwest Woods subdivision (706-769-6842) in Watkinsville. On Tuesday, November 15, the Democratic National Committee is facilitating House Parties across the nation to kick-off our push to the elections in 2006. Hosts of National Organizing Kickoff meetings will have materials to run a briefing on our party-building efforts, the political landscape in your state and opportunities to take action locally.
The Oconee Democrats will be hosting their regular monthly meeting 7-8 pm Thursday, December 1st at the Board of Commissioners' chambers of the Oconee County Courthouse on Main Street. Bob McWilliams of Madison, GA will be making a 25 minute presentation about the Fair Tax. Discussion and final plans for the Christmas Parade will follow.
11 am Saturday, Dec. 3rd the Oconee County Democratic Committee, Young Democrats of Oconee County, Athens Academy and North Oconee HS, and the Blue Hat Ladies will participate in the Christmas Parade in a non-fossil fuel burning way. Committee members and their children will walk, bike, ride and skate down Barnett Shoals and Main Street in Watkinsville.
From 10 am to 3 pm Saturday, Dec. 10, the Oconee County Democratic Committee will lead a clean-up of the wetlands, playground, ball field and streams in Harris Shoals Park in Watkinsville.
Becky Vaughn will play host to a holiday potluck gathering 7 - 8:30 Thursday, Dec. 15 at her home at 1030 Meriweather Drive in Bogart in Jennings Mill.
For more information, please call 706-769-1131.


Anonymous said...

It's going to be a busy season for all 3 of the Oconee county Dems.

And here's a question that I meant to ask a few nights earlier. Has anyone ever seen Becky Vaughn at the same place as Jane Kidd? I'm just wondering if this is some vast left-wing cloning conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

And by contrast, the Clarke Committee is finally having it's one fundraiser of the year this morning... they've been too busy infighting and protecting their clique from unruly hard workers, lol to actually DO anything ALL year! Oh wait, they had one training that the DPG brought to town, all they had to do was show up for that... and they are putting together a newsletter, they swear!
Dan is doing a great job with this group, they are busy and above all, welcoming! Unlike the little faculty meeting that passes for a Democratic Committee here in Athens. These folks are only interested in keeping themselves in office, as evidenced by their refusal to open up the election process to the actual committee.
This crew nominates themselves en masse, and then presents the entire ticket (including the NEXT chair) for an up or down vote.
Corrupt, and insulting. Why don't Democrats in Clarke County want a real Democratic Committee? Why don't they ever take a position on anything? Why are the same three women who have been running the Committee for the past 20 years allowed to continue to run the show? And why aren't they doing anything, anything at all for the working poor, military families, uninsured and uneducated, or anyone other than themselves?
We need a Democratic Committee that includes more than rich white people. (Yes we have two black members, and one hispanic lady, lol sounds like tokenism to me!)
Democrats here are missing the boat completely, more interested in their turf than in cooperating with adjacent parties. If they would reach out and share resources, we might elect Rep. Jane Kidd. But we'd also have to come down off our high horses and commune with real people. Not damn likely, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

What's with the two-point font? I've gotta get my eyes rechecked now, damn it

Publius said...

Sorry about that. It had been a super-long day and I just cut and pasted without checking the font. Will fix.

Anonymous said...

With regards to comments about the relative goodness of the OC Dems versus teh suckiness of the ACC Dems, I wonder if people in Athens can go to OC Dems meetings instead?

Fishplate said...

So, I got to poking around on the I-net, learning about Democrats, and ran across this:

"Under Democratic leadership, Georgia was described as one of 'the great boom areas of America over the last dozen years.' Georgia’s median household income surged from 1991 until 2002, increasing by over 17% and surpassing the national average."

So, I'm wonderng how this jibes with the [increase/lack of decrease] in the poverty level in Athens, arguably one of Georgia's most Democratic places?

Publius said...

There were a lot of people moving to Atlanta and the suburbs (like Gwinnett County), which are responsible for a lot of that growth.

bulletdawg said...

Georgia's a big place. A lot of areas, like Gwinnett, Cobb, Fulton, DeKalb grew in population and wealth in the late 1990's under President Clinton. Some areas, like Clarke County and some rural areas did not see growth in income or decreases in their rates of poverty.

Fishplate said...

So, did the Democrats cause the growth? Or are they just taking credit for it? And is that growth why we now have a Rebublican government in Georgia?

I'm not sure what, if anything, politics has to do with it. I'd be interested to see the numbers reflecting the decline in poverty rates in Cobb, Gwinnett, Fulton and Dekalb counties, too.

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

I'd be interested to see those numbers too; just because the median income grew doesn't necessarily mean the poverty rate went down. Could just be that lots of executives moved in from other places with high paying jobs, meanwhile a proportionate number or even more than proportionate number of poor people moved in as well, but the numbers were more than balanced out by the size of the newbies' salaries.

At any rate, the Democrats deserve the credit for the growth to the same extent Clinton deserves credit for growing the economy generally in the 90s, I guess. That's probable a matter of debate in and of itself, depending on your perspective. I think you would almost have to give him, and them, some credit, though.

I think the new Republican majority in Georgia has more to do with the "values" issues and the general shift in that direction in the South than the growth, although I suppose one could attempt to make that correlation.

monticello_pres said...

The Dems had as much to do with the tech boom in the 1990s - which fueled the country's economic growth - as Al Gore had to do with inventing the internet.

Steering our ecomomy is like steering a battleship. You don't parallel park it. It takes a while. Probably much longer than anyone remains in office. So there is as much arguement to say Reagan caused the boom of the 90s as Clinton did. Thus Clinton's policies have as much to do with today's economy as do Bush's.

Truth is probably neither this nor the opposite (that the person in power leads the simultaneous economic situation). Neither party truly causes it. But to believe that, one would have to believe that life as we know it would exist without either (or both) of these political parties. And that just doesn't sit well with those married to the system. On either side.

Getting right down to brass tax, the economy of the 1990s had as much to do with a well timed collective entrepreneurship - then a positive corresponding federal monetary policy. And remember that Greenspan was a Reagan appointment in 1987. Suspicious timing as it relates to the 1990s I might say.

Anonymous said...

Re local Democratic Party organizations (or lack thereof):

Seems A-CC isn't the only place where we need to get our local organization in order.