Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Menage a Prince Redux

Well, discuss it all on the comments thread, folks. Talking about it can only make you feel better. We wanted to bring up a somewhat different issue though, which is sort of related.

The ACC Commission, it occurs to us, is marginally progressive, at least in (campaign-season) words. But when it comes to action, they show a remarkable affinity for the status quo. Discuss.


ahs13 said...

I never viewed the Prince three lane as a progressive move.

Progress is movement in a foward direction without greater movement in a backwards directions. No one could prove that three lanes was best for most everyone.

As a biker/pedestrian/driver myself, I would love to come up with better ideas to enhance mobility. Bike lane or not, Prince will always be stressful on two wheels. With nearly 18,000 cars a day, Prince will always be a tough street to cross.

Bike lanes are kind of weak and three lanes are not always the solution.

Let's identify true Athens progressive needs and come up with some truly progressive solutions. Then our Commissioners act more progressive.

Anonymous said...

I can see your point but I think any attempt to try to encourage more human scale development, more people-to-people (as opposed to bumper-to-bumper) is a good thing - a progressive thing.

No one is forced to participate but those who would prefer to choose a different method of getting from point A to point B would not have to make their choice out of fear.

So, I think this matches your definition. Right?