Friday, November 18, 2005

Voter ID Bill

Hey, Voter ID proponents! If you want someone to shill for your law, may we humbly suggest not letting Sue Burmeister open her mouth. Ever.

Come to think of it, that's pretty good advice for any legislation past, pending, current, or proposed. But we digress.

Following in the wake of yesterday's released DOJ memo (which we still want to see), more information trickles out, courtesy of Rep Burmeister. According to the Honorable Rep., blacks in her district only vote if you pay them.

We have no response to that, except to wonder if the ABH will be permitted by its corporate ownership to call her out for her racist statements. We know her hometown paper, the Augusta Chronicle won't do it. If there isn't a backlash like God's own fury in the media and from politicians of both parties to her comments, then we're going to be sorely disappointed.

One last thing. In the AJC article, it mentions that Congressman David Scott of the 13th district appeared at a press conference by 5 of Georgia's 6 Democratic congressmen. We wonder who skipped and why?


Fishplate said...

Seek and ye shall find: the Post has a link on this

Fishplate said...

And, coincidentally, chages are being proposed to the Voter ID law, including local IDs and ~free~ ID cards for everyone... Read all about it

Dawg Corleone said...

For what it's worth, she denies the quote. Her statement...

“An Atlanta Journal-Constitution article citing a Department of Justice memo has erroneously misrepresented comments made by me concerning voter turnout in my district. While I do believe that voter fraud is rampant in our state, I in no way believe that African Americans in my district or around the state only vote when they are paid to do so. If the AJC’s misrepresentation has offended anyone, I apologize. However, I do not believe that these statements are accurate and they are in no way a reflection of my beliefs on this issue. I am equally offended by the newspapers blatant misrepresentation of the facts.

“However, it is no mystery that voter fraud occurs. In November of 2000, the same Atlanta Journal-Constitution that now denies voter fraud exists published an article exposing over 5,000 incidents of dead people voting and the presence of more than 15,000 dead people on active voting rolls across the state. And an investigation is currently underway concerning over 2,400 fraudulent voter registration applications submitted in Fulton County. And in my own district, as I informed the Department of Justice in an interview earlier this year, I am personally aware of long standing and well known incidents of voter fraud tactics.

“I believe – along with the majority of our citizens – that Georgia’s voter id law requiring a photo id to cast a ballot is a common-sense measure necessary to curb such fraud and protect the integrity of our voting system.”

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Well, the thing is, that's a direct quote from the DOJ memo, and the memo claims its a direct quote from her. I'm not sure how she's claiming AJC misrepresented it. If the quote's not accurate, it's the DOJ staff attorney's fault, not AJC's. At any rate, I have problems believing that the DOJ staff attorney's pulled such a quote out of thin air. Perhaps you could say that it was "taken out of context", but I'm not sure what context exists that makes it ok to suggest that black people only vote when they're paid to do so.