Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day

In New Jersey, the race for Governor has been pretty much a foregone conclusion for quite a few months now. US Senator Jon Corzine should beat Republican Doug Forrester pretty handily today. In Virginia, the race for Governor has been tightening up considerably over the last month or so, and predictions are about evenly split on whether Tim Kaine (D) or Jerry Kilgore (R) will win. The Virginia race is important in terms of 2008 as well, as a Kaine victory will strengthen current Governor Mark Warner's chances on the national stage.

Stay tuned.

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bulletdawg said...

New Jersey will be closer than many prognosticators believe, but Corzine should pull out a recount-proof victory margin.

Virginia should be very close. The Democrat, Kaine, is hoping to get a cushion from Democratic Northern VA, to combat the GOP vote from southwest and Southside VA. I really think this one could either way, but as a loyal Democrat I hope Kaine gets a huge margin out of NoVa.

My predictions:

Corzine 52%
Forrester 47%

Kaine 50%
Kilgore 48%
Potts 2%