Thursday, November 17, 2005

More on the Voter ID Bill

Federal repercussions this time. Apparently, the career civil rights lawyers at the DOJ voted to reject the proposed law, but their politically-appointed supervisors overruled them. WaPo has it here.

For those of you out there who are ok with this law, but might still have an open mind, read the piece carefully, because the DOJ lawyers did a fine job of laying out all of the problems with the bill, as well as a pretty good number of fixes, of which we wish the WaPo had mentioned more.

We would love to get our hot little hands on the actual August 25 staff memo.


bulletdawg said...

Read this shit.

Racist scum.

Anonymous said...

Burmeister is scum for a number of reasons. Being a racist isn't enough for her. She also enjoys some hypocrisy from time to time.

This past spring, she pushed through a tough anti-child predator bill, a seemingly good thing, but she did so knowing that her college-age son was about to be arrested for raping a middle-school age girl. She later tried to downplay the seriousness of her son's actions. Despicable.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose this is in relation to the
REAL ID card? If this $20 card is purchased, will an additional card also have to be purchased for REAL ID? Thus more income for the state?

Alvin, TX