Wednesday, November 30, 2005


There’s not a whole lot of political news floating around the ATH today, so we hope you’ll forgive us if we break today down for you roundup style:

Pete McCommons reminds us why we think he might be, bar none, the best journalistic writer in Athens.

Bill Shipp thinks that Ralph Reed oughta just give it up already, and gives a nice background on Reed’s current and impending ethical baggage.

Local guy puts his money where his mouth is with regards to the homeless shelter.

And, as always, we’re still trying to fix this poverty thing.

Finally, anyone interested in doing some posting here for about a week in December?  Looks like your crack editorial staff may both be out of commission for a few days then.  Email us if interested.

Have a great day!


Jmac said...

Not to dogpile on Pete, but that's a peculiar article to cite as proof of him being the best journalistic writer in Athens. Granted, the competition is kinda slim, but still.

I always liked Jim Thompson's actual news stories and his feature pieces and felt he was the best writer at the ABH. I don't always agree with his columns, but he's very good at them as well.

hillary said...

You mean something that's basically an opinion piece rather than a purer form of journalism? Agreed.

I kinda like Lee's facty pieces.

Jmac said...

Right. And, again, Jim's opinion pieces are very engaging and well-written in my book. I don't always see eye-to-eye with him, but more often than not, he's put together a coherent and well-written argument.

His news stories and feature stories, however, were top notch. He was the best reporter and best writer at that paper when I was there, but devoted most of his time to serving as Metro Editor (which he did a bang-up at as well, particularly in coaching and developing young writers).

Publius said...

Pete's got this way of writing "soft" (for lack of a better word) without being maudlin, and for being folksy without being cliched.

No disrespect for Jim is meant though; he's pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

While we're handing out accolades, I actually really enjoy some of Wayne Ford's features, and Joe Johnson's police/crime stories.

hillary said...

People do love them some Wayne Ford.

I appreciate Winders's irreverence. I think there's a bit too much "we must take all of this seriously" in op-edding.

monticello_pres said...

While this speculation about the best journalist in Athens in intriguing, I am more interested in Bill Shipp's infatuation with Ralph Reed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to lead the campaign for Mr. Reed. But the only issue bigger than Ralphie's alleged baggage is Mr. Shipp's inability to write about anything but this. He has grown stale - and certainly has other material available to him. His constant drone about Ralph, some Indian tribes, and his friends-associates-partners-crooks has just worn out. Kind of like Ed Tant locally... if you can't come up with some original thoughts, quit posting the same crap over and over.

Bill's newspaper stalking of Ralph makes me wonder if these two dated in the past. Mr. Shipp surely seems like the scorned lover in this deal. Problem is, he's gone off the deep end and has lost credibility in his efforts.

Just one man's opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bill has gotten stale. He is such an old grump these days...... in the words of Buck Belue... "negative, negative, negative." I think Sonny freezing him out pissed him off. Plus working for the republican machine (InsiderAdvantage), doesn't help.