Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Filling our hole again, and a question for everyone

Another slow news day in the ACC, but here’s the news in brief; most of it is following up on stuff we discussed yesterday.

Cedar Creekian Margaret Wood writes in to question whether the ABH has a stake in the success of La Puerta del Sol.  Maybe they just think it’s a good idea.  Is that so far outside the bounds of reality?  Well, if you live in Cedar Creek, it probably is.  In any event, Ms. Wood’s letter is at least more rational than the last one she sent in about this.  Read it here, and our response here.

Concerned parent writes in about the state of the public schools in Clarke County.  Her take: teachers rule, administrators suck.  Also, some of them are apparently “unstable.”  We’re not sure what that means, but we’d certainly like to know.

Why is Walter Jones apparently the best pundit Morris News has to offer?  Seriously.  Anyway, today Jones is talking about the 65-Cent solution, whereby 65 cents of every education dollar must be spent in the classroom.  Sounds good on the surface, and heaven knows that there are probably a few too many bureaucrats floating around the school systems.  But, on the other hand, we need counselors and school buses and nurses (oh my!).  We’re going to wait and hear both sides on this one, but our early take is that if something sounds too god to be true, it probably is.  This sounds like an overly simple solution to a really complex problem.  But, we’re keeping an open mind.

And, since our news hole is gaping this morning, we’d like to pose a question to the masses for your argument and speculation.  In Chicago it’s anyone named Daley, in Atlanta, it’s Sweet Auburn.  How about in Athens?  Which people, groups, etc, have the largest amount of control over Athens politics (the concept, not the blog), and who is getting left out in the cold?

We’ll be back tomorrow, with more news from the Classic City.  I’ve got 3 to 1 that Pete McCommons writes something about three-laning Prince, and 5 to 1 he does something about the holidays.


Jmac said...

Can I stress how unimpressive and shallow Margaret Woods' arguments are?

Publius said...

You can, but she's done such a good job of that herself.

hillary said...

I like how she thinks a stone's throw is literal. As opposed to meaning "a couple of blocks."

Dawg Corleone said...

You want breaking news?

Check www.1340wgau.com for news re a prominent Oconee Co GOP'r.