Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Are people really throwing around “sparkle season?”  Because if so, I’m going to laugh at them.  

We don’t really know what to make of this letter, so we’ll leave it with this quote.  “The courts have never ruled you can't say ‘Merry Christmas,’ or sing Christmas carols, or hand out candy canes in public places.”

So shut up about it, already.  Jeez.  Next thing you know people are going to get all bent because some folks say “Gesundheit,” while others say “bless you.”  The pro-Gesundheit forces are going to claim a lack of cultural tolerance from the bless-you-ites, while the blessers are going to claim that the Gesundheitistas are beating up their right to religious expression.  And meanwhile, millions of sneezes go unrecognized.

Happy holidays, however you celebrate.  And go drink some OJ, because the last thing you want is a cold when the great snot controversy blows up.


DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Careful, I think you may have angered some people further by taking the "God" out of "God bless you".

This whole thing really has gotten ridiculous, on both sides in my opinion. There is a large contingent who get a little too touchy any time somebody wants to use a word other than Christmas to refer to all the eating and partying and Xbox buying that goes on in December, and an equally large contingent on the other side that needs to relax and realize that, yes, in the U.S. the vast majority of us are still at least nominally Christians and therefore celebrate the holiday of Christmas, and so you're probably going to have to see the damn word now and then (maybe even at school or at the White House, sorry). Both of them need to get over it and have a Merry Whatever.

For the record, I am a Christian and therefore celebrate Christmas, so I'll probably call any tree I see decorated with crappy art a "Christmas Tree". However, feel free to refer to it any you please.

DoubleDawgDareYa said... obviously I didn't mean to put the comment here a gazillion times. I was having issues with my work computer. And now I'm having issues here, in that I don't see the little trash cans to get rid of the rest of the extras. So anyway, that's what's going on there...

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