Monday, December 12, 2005


Hi kids.Just a few quick notes, and an interesting rumor to report.

We’re outta here!

Your crack editorial staff will be on vacation from December 16 through December 23, which means that posting from us will be sparse, probably non-existent. Rest assured though, that we’ve lined up some friends to blog in our stead. Among the places you’ll go:
  • you’ll hear from Andy Rusk (see, if a candidate makes nice with us, we make nice with him or her),
  • Adrian from AthensWorld will talk about something,
  • we’ll have some perspective on an issue we haven’t talked about here – the proposed hike in the local hotel-motel tax,
  • and we’ll give an opponent of La Puerta del Sol a chance to weigh in.
And some other stuff too. We’d like to extend a laurel (and hearty handshake) to our friend JMac for keeping everything running smoothly in our absence, and he’ll be posting some stuff as well, we imagine.


I’ve got a post about edumacation and the Clarke County Board of Education up on the Blogger version of AthensWorld today. Check it out.

Rumors Abound…
…that local boy done good John Barrow (D[sorta]-GA) is eying a run for U.S. Senate in 2008 against Saxby Chambliss. What do you think about that?


Anonymous said...

Huh. Not sure what to say about Barrow other than I saw him walking into 5 Star Day at lunch time today. Mmm, 5 Star.

hillary said...

He was at the Flagpole Xmas party. I briefly contemplated throwing a drink on him, as I was aggravated by having to walk up and down the stairs at Tasty World due to local legislation he helped pass, but I contented myself with really unobtrusive glaring.

Fishplate said...

Is John Barrow the new Denise Majette?

Two months ago, I asked my Congressperson for a White House tour. After a month, I got a voice mail message, saying my request had been "declined"... I then emailed Sen. Chambliss' office. Within four hours, I had my White House tour approved and arranged. A little thing, I know, but perhaps indicative of the power each officeholder wields? I dunno. Still, it didn't endear me any further to Mr. Barrow, especially after all the lying/misrepresenting he did to get elected.