Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Flagpole, the COC, and Johnny B

Pete McCommons rejoins the world of current events this week with a piece on last week’s imbroglio concerning Ralph “Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes” Reed and the Chamber of Commerce.  Interestingly, Pete comes as close as we’ve seen to vilifying the Chamber on this one.  (It’s tough, Lord knows we tried.)  Sez Pete:

“At week’s end, some were still scratching their heads over the affair and wondering if it wasn’t a fund-raiser why it was canceled.”

Hmmm.  Perhaps because the shitstorm that resulted from reporting that was, to put it mildly, inaccurate had turned the whole thing into a three-ring circus anyway?  Also, because Ralph Reed is a douchebag.  Anyway, the whole Chamber of Commerce thing turned out well for Pete, since it gives him an opportunity to wax poetic about his favorite Congrescritter, John Barrow, who subbed in at the last minute for Reed.

Pete also raises speculation about Michael Thurmond jumping in the race for Lieutenant Governor, but we don’t see that happening.  Not that it wouldn’t be nice, but every time an office in Georgia comes open, Thurmond’s name gets bandied about by all the wishful thinkers in Georgia democratic politics.  Remember when he was supposed to run for Senate in 2002, or for Congress in 2004?  You get the point.  Also, we should point out that while he enjoys an almost godlike status in ACC, throughout the rest of the state, Michael Thurmond’s name recognition is roughly equal to that of Jim Martin or Greg Hecht.  (Don’t know who they are?  Our point exactly.  They’re the two announced Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor.)  Still, we’d love to see Thurmond run.

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