Sunday, December 11, 2005


…and what would Jesus have to say about this letter?  It doesn’t really deserve a response, but the tone is so militant and intolerant, that we had to talk about it here.  We would mention one thing, however, with reference to this comment: “But the offended are extremely vocal and sometimes backed by the American Civil Liberties Union and powerful lawyers.”

You mean like the powerful Republican politicians, many of whom are lawyers, who are your elected representatives on the state and federal level?  Yeah, too bad they’re not on your side.  Oh wait, they are.

To answer our rhetorical question from above, we’d imagine that Jesus would be far less worried with how we celebrate one arbitrary day, and more concerned with how we live the other 364 days.  But, unlike Mr. Jackson, we don’t purport to speak for every Christian in the world, and we certainly don’t claim to speak for Jesus Christ.

People like Phil Jackson (who we’re sure is a pretty nice guy otherwise) and all of the other folks who are fighting the war against political correctness ought to be a little ashamed of themselves for their histrionic response to a crisis that doesn’t exist.  Don’t worry, y’all.  Fact is, you are free to say “Merry Christmas” as much as you like, anytime you like.  The First Amendment says you can, and rest assured, if any government entity tried to say you couldn’t, you might be surprised at who would suddenly be on your side – for instance, the ACLU.

The thing is, people like Phil Jackson have willingly allowed themselves to play the part of Chicken Little in a story written by the steely-eyed conservative zealots that have taken over the Republican Party.  The people who call the political shots have essentially invented a controversy that doesn’t exist for crass political gain.  The moneymen in the GOP don’t care about saying “Merry Christmas,” except to the extent that it’s another (nonexistent) issue that they can use to get more votes in November.

ABH Executive Editor Jason Winders has a few things to say about this whole (nonexistent) issue as well, especially in regards to the hypocrisy exhibited by the Republican leadership.

We’ll close by saying this.  We personally wish that instead of wasting time writing letters about the nonexistent battle to save Christmas, people would be writing letters about the economy, or the more than 40 million American citizens who cannot afford to go to the doctor when they’re sick, or the need to do something about public education.  Those are real controversies, and they play a much larger role in the future of America.


bulletdawg said...

I like how Mr. Jackson encourages those who don't agree with his viewpoint to move to Canada or Europe, but then closes his letter by asking for tolerance. That's the problem with the rabid right-wing, they are tolerant as long as you agree with them.

Dawg Corleone said...

Yeah, the rabid left-wing is much more tolerant of free speech. Ask Ann Coulter.

Publius said...

Due respect, Ann Coulter is not my go-to gal on anything having to do with tolerance. Neither is Michael Moore my go-to guy on the same issue.

It's the Ann Coulters (and yes, the Michael Moores) of the political world who are destroying the last shreds of dignity left in the political process. And yeah, I'm willing to admit that there are demogogues on both sides, but golly! There sure seem to be more on the right.

On another rant, I'm sick and tired of the conservative persecution complex. I could maybe understand when all the conservatives had was Rush Limbuagh and a minority in both houses of Congress (not to mention a distrubingly successful democratic president), but times have changed since the 1990's, and the conservatives' message have got to change with it. Face it, ten years ago, the conservatives were the Red Sox, but now, they're the Yankees. Nobofy likes a sore winner, and that's why sore winners often become even sorer losers.

Jmac said...

Let's leave my Red Sox out of this! Especially comparing them with conservatives, sheesh. The Yankees - the evil empire they are - that's more like it.

I'm with you though on the conservative persecution complex. When you control both houses of Congress, the presidency and are on the verge of solidifying ideological control of the Supreme Court - not to mention when the nation's top-watched cable news network is unapologetically conservative - you don't get to play the 'stop oppressing us' card.

monticello_pres said...

So it's the "stop oppressing us" card versus the "stop oppressing my brethren" card. I look forward to the next MTV Celebrity Death Match.

andyrusk said...

Actually, it's the Tom Delays, Randy Cunninghams, Jim Iveys, and Ralph Reeds "who are destroying the last shreds of dignity left in the political process."

Coulter and Moore are just pointing out which emperors aren't wearing any clothes this week.

monticello_pres said...

Now, Andy, I know you can do better than that. We know that you can do better than "all (R) are bad and all (D) are good". And we know you can do better than "it was so pure then and it is so corrupt now".

Because we know Bill Clinton's illustrious tenure of White House hummers did a tremendous amount for the dignity of office. And we know that Robert Byrd, Dianne Feinstein, and Eddy Kennedy have done a tremendous amount to preserve the dignity of the process. I'll avoid the temptation to include the preservation of evidence in this response.

Truth be told, many recognize and understand the partisanship divide is as bad as ever. And the polarization of our society - whether it be "R v D", "Merry Christmas v Happy Holidays", "Auburn v Alabama", "Taste Great v Less Filling", "Bird v Bees", or whatever is an unfortunate biproduct.

Jim Ivey is a moron - that crosses all political affiliations. And I don't think Sonny is any goofier now than when we championed the "D". As for 'Duke', I'm sure he wasn't the only guy with his hand in the till. He is the latest to get caught, and for that he should get slammed. I'm sure he will. But let's not pretend that there is any more (or less) corruption now than during Democratic majorities.

Maybe the D's get a pass since they don't propose and pass ethics violations while being unethical. And I'll admit that takes a brand of guts - or nerve - that is unrivaled. But the end result... the unethical behavior... is the crime against the process. The crime against us.

Bottom line, the Sam Nunns of this world are too few - whether an R or a D.

gap said...

Everyone has forgotten that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of santa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gap for reminding us the reason of the season.

Anonymous said...

you heathen!

everybody knows that the reason for the season is the celebrate the birth of our Save-your, Sam Walton!