Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

It’s baaaaaaaaack!  Once again, La Puerta del Sol makes an appearance in the ABH and here at AthPo.  The ABH reports it here and editorializes about it here.

Y’see, the LPDS guys have resubmitted their plans for the site.  Compromise is king here, as the live music is gone, and the architecture is somewhat blander.  Hopefully this will be enough of a sop for the east side residents (especially Cedar Creekers) who opposed it.  More importantly, we hope that this will convince enough commissioners that the folks who oppose it, led by ACC’s favorite windmill tilter States McCarter, are opposing it more and more out of spite, rather than out of legitimate objections.  Some folks just don’t like to be wrong, which, come to think of it, might be why States had has panties in such a wad a few months ago.

Our only question is this: Will Bruno Rubio be able to produce the same tasty cuisine as he has in the past, or has he suffered permanent and debilitating spinal injuries as a result of all the bending over backwards he’s done in the last three months?

Also, please note the delicate race dancing that the ABH does in the editorial.  Basically, they say, “Oh yeah, States is a good guy and definitely not a racist.  But yeah, he kind of is.”


monticello_pres said...

My beef with the ABH preemptive strike - is that it is a preemptive strike. I still operate under the assumption that newspapers should report the news and not create it. Especially when they only have half-truths.

Yes, Mr. Rubio and the LPDS folks have evidently submitted a revised plan to the A-CC Planning Department. And I look forward to seeing that and reviewing the changes that he made. I can't say that I - nor anyone else that I know not named Rubio - has seen these.

It is after that point that I will review the new plans along with the other concerns that I have had (the location issues in regards to a rezone) and make a decision. I was a bit surprised to hear that the rezoning opponents were still adamently against this - when truth is those that I have worked with had not even talked about it in weeks.

A point probably worth making is that there appears to be rezoning opponents and LPDS opponents. These 2 groups may agree on some issues but disagree on others. As for me, I was a rezoning opponent regarding this spot rezone (I still contend that is what this is) and will have to make another decision based on the subsequent new request.

Semi-related to this topic, there is an upcoming meeting regarding a Special District Overlay (SDO) for Cedar Shoals Drive. Any SDO would not affect the Cofers/LPDS property but would create clear and definitive guidelines for the businesses to be allowed. As you mention compromise, we may be onto something. Only time (and details) will tell.

Publius said...

The smartest thing that LPDS could do right now would be to release the details to the ABH and post them on their own site.

But you're right, if we've learned anything, it's that you can't always take the ABH at their word. Ask the Chamber of Commerce.