Saturday, January 07, 2006

Whither now, In the Loop?

It’s Saturday here at Athens Politics Global HQ, and we’ve got a little extra free time to post.  As such, here’s something that’s been kind of bugging us lately that we’d like to vent about.  

What the hell happened to the ABH’s In the Loop?  

Rumors abound that the column was axed in the wake of the Chamber of Commerce/Ralph Reed fundraising deal that the Chamber alleges the ABH got wrong.  If so, that would be bullshit.  

Journalists get things wrong, especially when they’re overworked and underpaid, as most of the folks at the ABH are.  And, for what it’s worth, we believe that there’s a lot more to the Chamber/Reed fundraising story than you might think.  

In any event, we liked In the Loop, and we’re hoping that the column just disappeared for a few weeks for the holidays.  For political gossip junkies, which we are, it was a good source of things to blog about.  And, we’d mention that Blake got it right a lot more often than he got it wrong.

Hey ABH, if you’re reading this (and we suspect you might be), bring back In the Loop.  Seriously.


Oconee Democrat said...

As long as you are wondering what happened to the local political journalism, I have not seen a Political Insider from • Tom Baxter
• Jim Galloway for quite some time either in the ajc

Publius said...

I imagine that Tom and Jim will be back in full force when the session starts up in a couple of weeks.