Sunday, January 15, 2006


LPDS of course was approved unanimously again in the Planning Commission recently, and it is on the Agenda setting Commission meeting Thursday and up for vote at the February meeting. I found one comment from Planning Commissioner Biron interesting; he said that while LPDS had made great strides to meet with the opposition and make requested changes, in his opinion LPDS was "not there yet, as [Biron] feels the building is still too thematic." Now, to be clear, Biron is not opposed to LPDS (obviously, since there was unanimous approval), but I still find it interesting that he would imply that if LPDS would pull back on its Latin theme, it would have a better chance of passing. I know, I know, all opponents will deny this is relevant at all. But is it?

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monticello_pres said...

You are right. The truth is out. Eastsiders don't like Latin-themes. That's the opposition.

We'll also admit that it was an anonymous neighbor that tipped off the Oconee Co Sherriff's office prior to the anti-Hispanic-Home-Depot-raid. And it is a prominent Eastside neighborhood that is influencing state and federal legislation regarding illegal immigration.

The truth is out.