Friday, January 06, 2006

A little Rusk, no Harrell at all, and more JMac than you can shake a stick at

Hi kids.

Just a few things to note.  First of all, don’t forget Andy Rusk’s hootenanny this evening at Tasty World.  

Second, we didn’t make it to see Carlotta Harrell speak last night.  (I, for one, was having a drink at the Mercury Lounge, and chasing down a rumor about a potential candidate in the 10th District Congressional race.)  If you were there, send us an email, and let us know how it went.

Third, in the spirit of good ol’ fashioned navel gazing, JMac has a very good piece up on his blog about the influence of Athens blogs on the local political process.  For what it’s worth, we know that we’re never going to compete with the ABH or Flagpole as far as being a news outlet goes, but we’d be awfully happy if we could break the stranglehold the Clarke County Democratic Party has on local Democratic politics.  Anyhoo, read what JMac has to say about things, because it’s a really good post.

More later, perhaps.  See everyone tonight at Tasty World.


hillary said...

Maybe not everyone, quite. I have a date to go see Munich this evening, and that may take up so much of my time that I can't make it.

Adrian said...

Dang, she must have a deadline or something. Party pooper. ;-)

hillary said...

I promise I'll make it to the next one. Sounds like I missed good times.