Saturday, September 30, 2006

Name Calling

Some of you may have missed the article in the Red and Black yesterday, so here's the link:

Students are pissed, but lazy.

The article itself is an unremarkable, sometimes inaccurate, diatribe the likes of which we've seen for years. I bring it up here for the purpose of discussing District 10 Commissioner Elton Dodson's on-the-record reference to then-candidate Chuck Jones as a "moron."

Is that really appropriate talk from one of our elected officials, especially concerning other candidates?

BTW I think it's a little harsh. Chuckie is naive and a little silly, like all of the other "student" candidates who have preceded him, but "moron?"

I mean, sure, we pick on him here, but we're not elected officials either...


Anonymous said...

This is rediculous!

Elton as once again proved himself as the immature assclwon he is.

I don't like Chuck either, but for an elected commissioner to call him a moron is beyond tacky!! especially after chuck had dropped out of the race.

This is just so typical of dodosn and his brand of elitist, holier than thou politics.

GP said...

Assclown indeed. You can do better than that Elton. Is that how they taught you to speak at your fancy law-learnin' school. What happened to the cape and tights wearing supercommish that we used to know and love.