Saturday, September 23, 2006

Earl and Eddie and John

Since he's not on the ballot here anymore, many of you may not be aware of John "Zell" Barrow's current campaign message. I think's it's probably best to let his radio ads speak for themselves. Suffice to say, I thought these ads were a parody of some kind... but they are real. Let the fun begin.

I'm not sure if "them dawgs" really need your approval, John, but what's with dissing the Braves?


Mike said...

Embarrassing with a capital "E." Delivered with all the natural rhythm and spontaneity of a forced confession by two voiceover pros trying to out-grizzle each other. When's the last time a local hero fell this far this fast?

Todd Mitchell said...

I love the way he's "John Barrah" now instead of "Barrow". Maybe someone should tell him to put a chaw in for his next ad.