Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LPDS: Kickin' it old school with one last email push

You know, despite our silence on the issue until yesterday, your friends here at AthPo are still big proponents of the La Puerta del Sol project.  Since the vote is tonight, we’re going to put out one last call to action – just like in the good ol’ days.

Now, sources who are all up in the Commission’s grill tell us that the picture may not be as bleak as we predicted last night, and there’s a decent chance that this thing actually passes.  Our friends also tell us, however, that the anti-LPDS contingent is doing a much better job than us at communicating their feelings to the lawmakers.  In fact, only a handful of LPDS supporters have been heard from lately, compared with a growing barrage of letters opposing the zoning reversal.

So, get crackin’, kids!  For old times’ sake, you’ll find the relevant email addresses below.  Email your Commissioners (Fill in the blanks: everyone has ______, just like _______), and then, just for grins, email someone else’s Commissioners too.

It looks like the persuadables are Maxwell, Kinman, Lynn, Jordan, and Hoard, not to mention the Honorable Heidi D.

Last push, everyone.  Now get to work.
Mayor: Heidi DavisonDistrict 1: Charles CarterDistrict 2: Harry Sims (no email. Boooo!)District 3: George MaxwellDistrict 4: Alice KinmanDistrict 5: David LynnDistrict 6: Carl JordanDistrict 7: Kathy HoardDistrict 8: States McCarterDistrict 9: Tom ChasteenDistrict 10: Elton Dodson

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