Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jim Ivey

Jim Ivey is back in the news again today.  To sum up, the GBI is wrapping up their investigation into Ivey’s alleged mishandling of funds, and they’ll be meeting with folks over at Ken Mauldin’s office about potential charges to be filed.  

More interesting however, is the fact that Ivey’s own board is turning on him now, as you might expect.  The board wants Ivey out, so that they can re-organize themselves and hopefully turn over a new leaf.  Ivey is standing pat, more or less daring the board to depose him.  Of course, Ivey is innocent until proven guilty, but his refusal to step down thus far gives a lot of insight into who he is.

For Ivey, it was never about the veterans.  If it were, then he’d be off the board right now by his own initiative.  As the group’s founder, Vinnie Williams, acknowledges, any association with the group on Ivey’s part is going to obliterate the group’s chances of raising money.  If it were about community service, then Ivey should have already resigned and gone home to sit in a corner and think about what he’s done.  

For what it’s worth, here’s a little free advice to Williams and Don Norris, the board’s other member.  Fire him.  Loudly, stridently, and very, very publicly.  Then, let it go, and get back to work raising money for a good cause.

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courtrat said...

What is interesting is how Ken Mauldin attempted to steer the GBI investigation into looking into how long Melvin Davis knew about the Ivey alleged misfeasance before making it public, and if somehow Mauldin could stick Davis.

JB said...

There are a lot of fake Veterans groups out there.

oconeecountyga said...

And that might be true, jb. But I, for one, can assure you that the Oconee County Veterans Memorial group is not a fake. Let's not jump to the conclusion that since all of this crap happened with Ivey that the group is fake...

Anonymous said...

well I for one hope that Maudlin does find a way to stick it to Melvin too. There should have been some oversight of that group. It looks like they just created a slush fund for Jim Ivey. Can anyone remember all the offices Jim ran for? or held? I am having a mental woopsie this morning, but I could swear he was even behind a long time employee Sarah someone who ran as a black female republican against George Maxwell in the 3rd district after he beat Alvin Sheats by 50 votes. I think at the time he was heralded as quite the operative for the repubs, including Brian "now you can vote for my brother in law" Kemp.

Who, by the way, has a mention in today's ABH for having sponsored a bill that requires government vehicles to use 2percent biodeisel in their vehicles by 2008. Does that mean anything? Will it actually promote biodiesel in the state? Or is it just a campaign ploy for someone running for State Ag Commissioner?
Enquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous said...

I think enquiring minds have already figured it out - you've got it right. Kemp needs some kind of agricultural bill on his resume so, he picked this one.

I'm all for the biodiesel stuff but, Kemp's bill is just posturing.

How about a sur-tax on french fries that would be required to be used to clean up their oil to be ready to run their delivery trucks? Or, maybe a tax incentive since that's something that both the liberals and conservatives could get behind (except those lining their pockets with Big Oil money).