Friday, February 17, 2006

Boobs n Stuff: The Deuce

Here’s a little bit of light news to start you off. What do Charlie Norwood, Johnny Isakson, Saxby Chambliss, John Barrow, Lynn Westmoreland, and every other member of Georgia’s CoDel - not to mention every other member of Congress - have in common?

They all get Hustler Magazine every month.

Boy, the perks you get as a Member of Congress, eh? Good parking places, a handy subway, gym, decent restaurant, Jack Abramoff-funded golf trips…and, um, porn, according to a story in yesterday’s Salt Lake Tribune.

Not by choice mind you. This is just an interesting and funny case of Larry Flynt exercising his Constitutional right to rattle the cages of his elected representatives. We’re sure most of the Congresscritters dump their skin mag (or have their staff do it) as soon as it arrives.

Brief aside. One of the best examples we’ve seen of Congressional staffers taking things far too seriously is found in this quote: “Interns for Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, are trained to distinguish the nudie magazine's envelope from the other mail and throw it away, says Chief of Staff Scott Parker.” Trained? Really? We wonder if those poor interns knew what they were in for. (“OK guys…this [dramatic flourish] is porn! The Congressman doesn’t care for it.”)

Ain’t representative democracy great, kids?

So, if you’d like to send some porn to your Congressman or Senators, feel free to do so. It’s not just Barely Legal, it’s 100% legal. By the way, we hear that Justice Scalia gets Creem every month, but he pays for it like everyone else.

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hillary said...

Yeah. I'll bet those interns throw away free porn...

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

I wonder how much Congressional porn goes for on Ebay....

Publius said...

Stay tuned for Playboy: The Girls of the House Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Rural Development, and Research.

Anonymous said...

Having been a Congressional staff member in a former life, I can safely say that such mail rarely, if ever, finds the trash! Instead, the staffer with the quickest reach usually stuffs it in their briefcase and the magazine leaves the building.