Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wanted: Assistant District Attorneys

We’d like to thank Ken Mauldin for his efforts to single-handedly create more jobs in Athens-Clarke County.  That’s right kids, more vacancies at the DA’s office to report.  Our sources in the courthouse tipped us off to three more resignations from Mauldin’s office in recent days.  Two ADAs are leaving before the end of the month to enter private practice.  A third, according to our source, attempted to give Mauldin notice, but was told by the District Attorney to leave that day.

By our source’s count, this brings the total number of resignations in the DA’s office up to 5 since January 1.  You might like to know that the DA’s office, which covers Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties has somewhere around 11 – 12 attorneys on staff.  This is not normal turnover.

This is getting ridiculous, folks.  It’s time that the citizens in Athens-Clarke County start asking some hard questions about the turnover in Mauldin’s office.  It probably wouldn’t hurt for some folks in our local and state government to start asking those questions as well.  

We’re willing to admit that we’ve always kind of liked Ken Mauldin, going back to his days as Solicitor.  He’s friendly, approachable, and hardworking.  But in the last few years, a lot of things have been going on in the DA’s office that should raise some healthy skepticism about his leadership and management skills.  

Here’s hoping that those questions get raised loudly and sufficiently enough for Ken Mauldin to get the office back on the right track.

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