Thursday, March 23, 2006

House 115

Not sure if this has been mentioned on here yet, but there is another candidate running in the House 115 race. His name is Chuck Jones, and the lawyer half of your editorial staff went to UGA Law one year ahead of him. Although he doesn't identify any party affiliation on his website, the issues profile contained therein, combined with prior knowledge of his issue profile from inane discussions on the law school listserv, pretty much assure us that Mr. Jones is running as either a Republican, Libertarian, or perhaps simply an independent leaning in that direction.

Mr. Jones promises to be a "Voice for the Voiceless", by which he evidently means Republicans, or at least non-Democrats. Quote from his site: "I am running in this mostly county-wide race because I want to send a message to the political machine that runs Athens, that its days of unchecked one-party rule are over."

All of this begs the question: Is Jane Kidd running here, or in the Senate race? And if it's the Senate race, who will be the Democrat to execute the slaughter of the sacrificial lamb that will surely be Chuck Jones (sorry Chuck; I'm all in favor of fellow Law Dawgs getting elected to office, but with all due respect, and with all histrionics aside, you don't have a f***ing chance).
There's about a month until the official filing period. Does anybody have any skinny on this? And has that pesky lawsuit been filed yet?


James Garland said...

For what it is worth, my understanding is that after announcing (kind of) a run for House District 115, Mr. Jones has changed his mind. You will note that the web site dates from back in February.

Not that I have any inside information.

James Garland said...

I take it all back; I see something else on the site that dates from this earlier month. Like I said, what do I know?

Chuck said...

Wow, I haven't even formally announced yet, and already I have publicity! Thank you, I very much appreciate you taking notice of my candidacy! Thank you especially to Red and to others who have sent me kind comments!

After much consideration, prayer, and communication wtih citizens and community leaders about issues important to them, I have decided to seek election to the Athens-Clarke County Commission, District 9, instead. (The website should reflect accordingly). I feel that I can be a more effective voice for the powerless - that is, those who are ignored by the current political machine - on the Commission.

Consider the current attitude of the Commission: making decisions behind closed doors, holding public meetings merely as formalities, seizing citizens' property rights, etc.. Now, more than ever, the citizens of Athens-Clarke County need a strong representative on the Commission who is NOT part of the political machine. You correctly state that I don't identify a party affiliation - because I don't believe this is about labels as much as it is about representing the underdog, the everyday citizen who goes unheard by Heidi Davison and David Lynn and the gang.