Monday, March 20, 2006

Our Legislature: Dedicated Public Servants or Dumbasses?

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Our Legislature: Dedicated Public Servants or Dumbasses?
A few Dumbass moves by our legislature.

State Funded Bible Classes The house overwhelmingly passed a bill to allow state funded bible classes in public Schools. Despite, the ACLU cranking up their legal machine, the bill passed 151-7, with no opposition voiced. This is just what Georgia needs to attract new businesses and tourism.

SB 529 and Sponsor Chip Roberts
The only good thing about this bill is the tougher penalties that it specifies for human trafficking. The bill is not a solution to the illegal immigration issue in Georgia. It does little or nothing to prevent illegal immigration. It doesn't deal with the issue of the immigrants that are already here except to make it harder for them to assimilate into our society. The real feel-good portion of the bill aims to set tax penalties for those who employ illegals. The penalties are minor and only encourage further exploitation of illegals by paying them under the table (thereby reducing our tax revenue).

Jane Fonda
A great opportunity for posturing and self righteous outrage on both sides.

and my personal favorite....

The 65% SolutionIt's Sonny's imitation of Maude Flanders screaming "will someone please think of the children!" This won't help our kids and our school system, this will mean more mindless bureaucracy at the expense of local control. Sonny also proposed a bill that would set mandatory class size limits. These bills sound great to the casual listener. Hey, do you want your children to attend cramped classes with no individual attention? Do you want your tax money going to "wasteful" administrative expenses instead of your children. Well, do you? Of course you don't, but these bills only superficially address these issues while creating a host of other problems.


Oconee Democrat said...

100% right on target. Well stated

Ned said...

This guy should be a daily douchebag

Here are some blasts from the past by him:

Editorial on FEMA chief was 'almost laughable'

Cartoon of soldier was in poor taste

Wah wah wah. Words are hurting the feelings of the president and soldiers. It is a good thing the soliders on the battlefield are out of touch* when it comes to current news, otherwise they would be crying all the time because of letters to the editor and political cartoons.

*Not badmouthing soldiers, just stating a fact. They get orders and carry em out - very little news gets to them.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher in Walton County. So much money is wasted to line the pockets of "experts and consultants" who just happen to know an administrator at the county office personally. I am sure this goes on everywhere. If the 65% rule can rid of us of even a few "expert consultants" teachers will have more time to teach. That money can be used to hire more teachers. Consultants do not teach. Teachers do! (at least when they are not pulled out of the classroom to listen to a consultant) I am serious. It has become that bad.