Sunday, September 09, 2007

Roundup: September 9th, 2007

Here's some stuff.

  • JMac no likey Food Lion. What's next, war on Ingle's?
  • I wax eloquent about the GlennTax. (Preview: it sucks!)
  • Jim T talks about noun wars. As a veteran of the gerund conflicts of '87, I can't agree more. Never again. (Ok, seriously, Jim makes good points here.)
  • Bill Shipp continues to barrel down the slippery slope from "crotchety" to "irrelevant" with this column. One point I'm going to make in opposition to this piece: Hillary Clinton is currently ahead of Obama, and by a not insignificant margin, in Georgia. And guess what, even that doesn't matter, because it's five months until we vote. A lot can happen in five months.
  • A few days ago, Blake's blog had an interesting thread with some good comments on poverty.

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