Monday, September 17, 2007

Get a load of this guy!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to introduce you to Rand Knight, Democrat for U.S. Senate. You've probably never heard of ol' Rand. That's cool. For your background information, he's been in the Senate race for a handful of months and has just made the transition to actually being mentioned in newspaper stories.

Anyway, Rand Knight is not having the best week ever. First, he and his fellow candidates, Cardboard and Snuggles, got royally dissed by the national Democrats and state party chairwoman Jane Kidd. (Don't act so shocked folks, they're only saying what everybody knows - the candidates for U.S. Senate suck.)

Then, he decides to declare war on the AJC by launching into a whiny tirade over at Tondee's Tavern. JMac is all over this one like a hipster on a PBR.

Then, this afternoon, Jim Galloway and Bob Kemper over at the AJC's Political Insider delivered this hot, steaming nugget into my RSS reader. Rand has jumped on the bandwagon of 21st Century politics by making a bad YouTube video. Here you go.

Really? Ok, a few points to make here.

  • His head looks extraordinarily, um...tall. That's a mega-noggin.
  • "Technical and sales background." Really? Because voters really seem to like salesmen, right?
  • Is it just me, or does his "southern accent" sound contrived? I don't mean a little exaggerated, I'm talking Nick Cage in "Con Air" bad. ("Put thuh bunneh in thuh bawx.")
Anyway, I never thought that I'd say this, but this guy makes me miss the political juggarnaut that was Cliff Oxford.

In the grand tradition of Tondee's Tavern and their candidate nicknames, I hereby christen Mr. Rand Knight....




Mike-El said...

I didn't think it was that bad. He's just a tad callow, that's all.

Oh, and "Tad Callow" might be the only political name worse than "Rand Knight." When he starts hitting the VFW halls, people will be looking under the light-up sign for the "Y" that they thought fell off his first name.

Adrian said...

His accent is staged. It is incredibly inconsistent. Different words come out with different southern and midwestern sounds. I've never heard anyone talk like that, except Nicholas Cage -- you're spot on.

Jmac said...

I've gotten into Coors Original as of late ...

Todd Mitchell said...

This is funny and all, but it does raise the question of exactly what Jane Kidd is doing (if anything). Did she not promise a major league candidate to take on Shameless for a seat which is still vulnerable?

Back when Sam Nunn was prattling about running for president as a "third party" candidate so he could "effect the debate", did Kidd ever call him up and suggest "I have an idea, why not run for your old seat again, win, and get to kick some ass back in D.C."?

Just wonderin.

Anonymous said...

Please. The election is in 14 months. 14 friggin' months. The primary isn't even until next July.

I absolutely promise you guys that the world will not end if there's not a decent U.S. Senate candidate omigodnownownownownownownow!!!!!!

Give Jane a break. How would you like to be wrangling the circle jerk that is the Georgia Democratic Party?

Mike-El said...

And you know what? Now that I've had my fun? Good on Rand Knight. We need young, white guys running as Democrats here in Georgia.