Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mayor Heidi is gonna clean this town up

...one greenway at a time. If you'd like to help her in her effort to do that, then you should stop by the Sandy Creek Nature Center this Saturday at 9:00 am. She'll provide bags and refreshments.

Hey, as far as candidate events go, it beats punch and cookies.

Random aside: Heidi's campaign committee is called "Elect Heidi Mayor Again!" I dunno, sounds a little ungainly. I prefer Heidi 2.0, or perhaps "Heidi Part II: The Reckoning." But what do I know?

Hey, speaking of candidate events, the man we've annointed to make Ralph Hudgens cry like a little bitch, Mac Rawson, is having a soiree next month. It could be a big deal, so we're telling you now. It's going to be in Winterville on September 14, and will feature Gov. Roy Barnes and other dignitaries. In an effort to make the event as unstuffy as possible, sources in the Rawson camp tell me that barbecue will be served, and the hit to your pocketbook will be reasonably light. Y'all go.

Speaking of fundraisers, Congressional candidate Terry Holley, the man we've annointed to have his lunch eaten by Charlie Norwood, will be breezing through Athens this week to raise some cash. Folks, don't waste your time or your money on this one. As of his June 30th disclosure, Holley had raised less than $8,000 for this race (Norwood raised a shade over $1.1 million in the same time period) and had less than $2,000 cash on hand. (Norwood has over $1 million on hand.) Not to criticize Mr. Holley or anything, he's a nice guy with good ideas, but if you're thinking about writing some candidate checks, then please, consider Rawson (he needs your help and he's got a shot against Hudgy), or Jane Kidd or Bill Cowsert, whichever floats your particular boat. Another thing about Holley, for a candidate who wants to represent Athens, we haven't seen very much of him, other than at Democratic party functions (and those cats are already voting for him.)


Oconee Democrat said...

Now c'mon, give ol' R. Terry a break or a check as well. You never know, Charlie could get a lightning bolt at his next Oconee County fundraiser. At least we have a candidate and are trying to beat Norwood's nasty ass

Anonymous said...

Yea, I agree. One reason we don't get any help from the DCCC on this race (and won't get much from the state party, either because they're broke, broke broken) is because of attitudes like that. The same attitude that led to the "ignore the south" strategy last cycle. The only way we're ever going to get progressives to run for office is to start supporting the people who have the nerve to try, even as moderates. I'm not a big fan of Terry, he can be a real pompous ass. But he is willing to put his life on hold to do this for Ga Democrats. So I'll be at his little fund-raiser, and the one he has set up for the next week in Crawford, too. And when he needs me to make phone calls or go door to door, I'll probably do some of that as well. C'mon, y'all. Do the right thing for the right reasons, and who knows, the karma genie just might win us a race or two.
One delicate issue, does anyone know how long before November the Republican party would be able to replace Norwood's name should he fall even more ill, or pass away?
By which I mean, what is the date at which if he passed away, the Republicans could NOT put Brian Kemp on the ticket in his stead?
I have looked around for that information, maybe someone here can answer that question? Cuz I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he remains in great health until after that day, for sure.
(yes, I know that's cold blooded, but hey... you know you've wondered the same thing...)


Anonymous said...

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