Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Couple of things

1. VOTE, bitches. Turnout is pretty bad.

2. E to the H (Culpepper, that is) has launched his website. It looks pretty nice, actually. Content-rich. Check it out, and post some comments about it.

3. My battle royale with Charter Communications is still ongoing. They decided not to show up yesterday. Look for my new blog: http://chartercansuckme.blogspot.com coming soon. (Unless that domain is taken, which wouldn't surprise me.)


Mike said...

Mac Rawson has a site up and running, too.


Chuck said...

Maybe you can have the Mayoress put a six month moratorium on Charter Cable sending out cable bills?

Anonymous said...

Can we proceed with the evaluation of the different races?

raven said...

Charter, those lying, backsliding scumbag retrobates.