Monday, August 21, 2006


New policy on candidate links. We're only providing the linky goodness to the candidates that interact with us. Don't worry, not feeding us press releases and information won't affect how we cover candidates, except to the extent that we have less information on which to base our comentary.

Petty? Perhaps. But hey, if you don't keep us in the loop, then why should we bother to give you any help?

Check to the right to see the list of candidates who give a fat rat's ass about local electronic media. (You might need to refresh.)

Among the candidates who should know better: Jane Kidd, Tom Chasteen, Charlie Maddox, Jim Ponsoldt, and some others. Shame on you.

And, if you're a candidate, or know someone who is, the address is

One other thing:
James Garland has an "En Espanol" section on his site. That's a really good idea, and we extend a laurel (and hearty handshake) to Garland for remembering that there is a wide and diverse Athens community.

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james garland said...

Thanks for the good word. I will take the opportunity to point out that the home page of my campaign web site, which has been up and running for several months, includes a map of District 1 (all of them actually), as well as links to the Secretary of State's web site so that qualified individuals may download applications for voter registration and absentee/advance ballots.