Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Schrenko, etc.

Not to preclude Chuck from finishing up his busy caseload and coming back to answer gp, but that comment line appears to have petered out for the moment, so let's move on with a few tidbits:

Schrenko will spend eight years in the slammer pursuant to her plea deal.

Athens' economy gets another punch in the junk as Cooper Tire announces that it will be closing the Oneta Street Oliver Rubber plant. This after $12 million in low-interest bonds with tax abatement was approved 2 years ago as incentive to get the plant to stay and in fact expand. 140 local jobs will be lost.

And federal agencies officially passed on the NavySchool property. This means the base is now available to the local development authority, which met this morning at 9 a.m.

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Jmac said...

As a random aside, the Oliver Rubber softball team was a monster back in the days. Those fellas would stand at the far end of the batter's back, wait for the ball to go into the air and then take two quick hops and crush the fool out of the ball. They'd max out their home run limit by the third inning.

And they slapped around the Banner-Herald a few times back in my day. They were ridiculous.