Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whitehead: "I Don't Know A Lot Of The Political Ins And Outs"

Scrolling around the Daily Planet's Voter's Guide to the 10th District Congressional runoff next week, I was surprised to hear Jim Whitehead admit in one of the posted audio clips that, since he's only been in politics for "twelve years, basically," he "doesn't know a lot of the political ins and outs," concerning when to show up for a debate and when not to.

Not a very comforting thing for the leading candidate for Congress to admit, is it? He also admits in another clip that he "never said I-raq wasn't an important isha." Oh.

So where are the AthPol readers lining up (yes it's been dead around here, yes we've been slack, mea culpa, etc.)? I've been hearing rumors from Clarke and Oconee Democrats that many are planning on going to the polls next Tuesday, putting in their voting machine card, not selecting a candidate, then hitting "cast ballot", which apparently will tally up as a "vote for neither" or none of the above.

Sounds interesting, but largely a waste of time to me. Isn't the same thing achieved when you just don't show up?

Frankly, this may be the first congressional election I've ever taken a pass on.


Mike-El said...

Passola. Don't even want to be seen at the polls for this one.

Oconee Democrat said...

This is one Oconee Democrat who did not do that waste of time

Anonymous said...

The registered "none of the above" is a much more powerful signal than not showing up. It's similar to the difference between leaving a penny tip and leaving no tip for horrendous table service.

Anonymous said...

How about lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness?

Instead of worrying about your protest vote, work towards registering voters, stimulating the growth of your local Democratic party, seeking out and recruiting good candidates, raising money for them, etc., etc., etc.

Mike-El said...

I can light and curse at the same time.

paveplanet said...

I still think that casting a blank ballot is worth the time and effort. No, it won't change the world, but it will at least remind it that we are out there.