Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, CNN now officially has their exit poll data out of quarantine. Any hard results are obviously still several hours away.

I don't know whether to be amused or scared that elected officials are themselves running into problems voting today. Gov. Sanford in South Carolina had to go back to his house to get his voter registration card (which is apparently required to be on you when voting in SC); and there were a couple of other instances of representatives having problems voting. The bigger issue is the array of systematic problems reported in numerous states. I understand that unexpected things can happen, but seriously, doesn't it seem like it's a lot harder for us to have elections in this country since 2000? Perhaps it's just the increased focus on such things...

The rain is relentless, and has surely depressed turnout, which is not good. Hopefully you all got out there anyway.

We'll be here all night, folks.

First CNN report on exit polls:

Corruption is the biggest issue (42 %)
57% disapprove of the war in Iraq.
62% said that national issues made a bigger difference in their decision than local issues.


Anonymous said...

With 0% of Precincts Reporting:

Heidi Davison (I) - 0 (0%)
Tom Chasteen - 2 (67%)
Charlie Maddox - 1 (33%)

Andy Payne said...

It's not over, but the election results on WSBTV.com look like a Rebulican sweep of many of the positions I care about. Dang it!!! I think I'm going to go over to Louise McBee's house to help talk her off the roof.

Anonymous said...

I know. I loved how the ABH, AJC, and AthPol kept talking about a Guby runoff and Martin victory. Those were never even possible - but the free marketing sure was a nice gesture.

Anonymous said...

gosh this is bad, y'all. Taylor thanked his family and staff, I'm really worried about some of his long term folks, who've devoted their lives to helping him get elected for the past 20 years.

And I have to say I'm a little sad for Tom Chasteen too. He's done his best by us for a long time, and even though a lot of us were calling him third I think we expected him to draw better in his own half of the county, esp. cedar shoals and tuckston methodist.

I don't know how Alvin pulled himself into this runoff w/Kelly, I haven't seen any real evidence of that momentum on the ground.
But I'm feeling the dynamus, alright!

Thanks be for Doug Lowry, who worked hard and hung in there w/no help from the local democrats. (What are the local dems good for if they don't support our local candidates? they should have a made a "here are the democrats" slate, including the 4 out of 5 candidates in the race for Mayor, and all but Ed Vaughn (who may have run as a dem this time) in 9.

Doug Mckillip and staff deserve a big woohoo this morning, against all the negative stuff they prevailed anyway.

And I'm glad to have a chance to do some work for Heidi, this is going to get interesting pretty quickly.

I can't imagine how Becky and Jane and Mac are doing this morning, but doubt they're up reading this... even so, huge thanks to those candidates for having the guts to run, even though it was pretty clear they'd been out manuevered by the new district lines.

Let's get out there and kick some ass for our candidates this last month.