Thursday, October 26, 2006

Post Debate Open Thread

Coverage tomorrow. Probably.

Anyone there? What did you think? I hear the closing statements were um...interesting.


retired_cowboy said...


Because at the Mayoral debate last night he threw his support behind Mayor Heidi Davison. This shows a shrewdness and political savvy far beyond his 26 years of age. I suppose he got it from his dad Rich Rusk or perhaps his grandfather Dean Rusk, former Secretary of State under John F. Kennedy. Anyhow, Andy basically said that he could split the townie vote and elect Charlie Maddox as a result, so he was throwing his support to Mayor Heidi Davison. It will be interesting to see if this Athens mayoral race results without a run-off. I think Heidi's campaign is picking up momentum toward possibly winning a run-off, but the Maddox campaign is getting the full weight of the local GOP efforts behind it with lots of signs around town.

Anonymous said...


And your radio show sucked.
I'm glad you can't vote in Clarke.