Monday, October 30, 2006

Early Voting Today

Early voting starts today. Not that I need to tell anyone who reads AthPo about early voting, because you cats are the hippest, most in-touch, political geeks in the state. (Eat that, Peach Pundit!) So let this be a reminder to you, and maybe you'll remind a few of the unwashed masses. Early voting is a great thing.

In you live in Athens, you can vote at the Board of Elections, downtown on Washington St. (Just down from the City Hall.) In Oconee, you're over at the Courthouse in Watkinsville. (You can vote early from 9am - 5pm today through Friday, and yes, stickers will be available.)

Go vote, bitches.


james garland said...

Hi All

I got my peach sticker at about 10:00 a.m. There was a light, but steady, stream of voters. I was in and out in about 10 minutes, which included time spent shooting the breeze with a couple of folks.

With no disrespect intended toward the FoN/LEAD Athens people, I think that the more important event this evening takes place at Clarke Central. Everyone (who is interested, that is) already knows about the candidates who will appear at the Georgia Center, but the district 5 school board race has attracted virtually no attention. With a budget of approximately $110 million (climbing fast) and a demonstrable effect on our lives, I think that Board of Education races are vitally important to the future of our community.

Anyway, the Clarke Central Parent-Teacher-Student Organization will host a forum in the “media center” at Clarke Central beginning at 8:00 p.m.

Publius said...

Hey James,

Who'd you vote for in District 1?

james garland said...

After much deliberation, I cast my ballot for that Garland guy (it is kind of weird to see you own name on a ballot).

Anonymous said...

Heads up! You can find a sample ballot at I always find that really helpful.


Anonymous said...

Hey James,

Who did you vote for in the district 5 school board race?

james garland said...

I assume your question is tongue-in-cheek.

If not, I'm in district 1 for both the Commission and the Board of Education; a significant portion of Commission district 1 is actually in BoE district 2 (which I think is a bad idea, by the way).

I had hoped to make it to the BoE candidate forum last night, but the demands of my own campaign precluded my attendance.

Anonymous said...

The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce came out with their list of Candidates:

James Garland
Alvin Sheets
Charlie Maddox
Bob Smith
E.H. Culpepper
Bill Cowsert

Dawg Corleone said...

Alvin "Sheets" is actually Sheats.

The Senator from West Virginia is "Sheets."

Anonymous said...

Actually Trent Lott is from Mississippi. And Strom was from South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Chamber of Commerce shows how utterly out of touch it is. Why not just get rid of the facade and merge with the ACC Republican Party?

Anonymous said...

There ain't no Sheets Senator from WV --it's Byrd and Rockefeller :-)

monticello_pres said...

The Trent and Strom references were good. Took a second, I'm slower up here in the 30s. And, anonymous is right. No "Sheets" in the U.S. Senate from West Va and no "Sheets" in the West Virgina state Senate, either. Don't matter, though, as dawg was right that Alvin is "Sheats". So everyone is partially right... how harmonious.

As for the Athens Chamber, I'm not sure what facade they should get rid of. Any insight? After all, they are what every special interest group is - a representative of their members. Maybe a minority of their most vocal members, but their members none-the-less. So while they may be out of touch with folks here, it is awfully arrogant of anonymous to contend they are out of touch... period. No more than Bike Athens, Grow Green, the Community Interested in Promoting Andy Rusk for Governor of the Universe, or the Concerned Citizens for the Right to Pollute Others' Lungs are out of touch with most everyone I know.

Just a box of soap.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the CoC out of touch w/ most of ACC (which is why their candidates keep losing, and which is, I would think, also not good for their professed desire to improve Athens --how can they be effective when a significant majority of the populace regards their leadership collectively as a joke?) but, from what I hear (as an outsider, admitedly) they are not particularly in-tune w/ their own membership --ergo the large numbers who have left the Chamber. Neither is good for ACC --and don't get me wrong; I'm not anti-bidness but do think that the CoC is actually doing more harm than good. we need a responsible and responsive CoC, not one controlled by its developer wing --if I were the owner of an older apartment complex (a bidness!) I'd be pretty PO'd w/ the Chamber --its "we need to get rid of regulations restricting development" attitude is pandering to the developers but equally hurting me as an owner of an older apartment complex because every new one built leaves an older one sitting half-empty. Plus, such new developments cost more in services than they bring in in taxes, which means that taxes stay high because we have rampant sprawl. What may appear to be "anti-bidness" on the surface (restricting development) may piss off the developers who control the CoC but it would probably get support from many other types of bidness owners who would like the reduced taxes that less development would bring and, in the long run, be better for bidness. My 2 cents' woth!

Anonymous said...

James, I'm fairly new to Athens and I'm not sure whom to vote for in District 5 Board of Ed. Have you met them? Whom would you vote for if you could?