Friday, April 28, 2006

Super Lawyer to the Rescue

As mentioned in the comments, Jane Kidd has qualified for the Senate race, and now she is challenging the redistricting in a lawsuit filed Wednesday. Because of the emergency hearing in a U.S. District Court, the judge has extended the qualifying period for Senate 46 and 47 and 13 associated House districts until May 5. The hearing will be next Tuesday in Atlanta.

We've discussed our thoughts on the merits of a lawsuit previously, and so I won't go into that again, but I will say that Kidd certainly has a strong advocate for the suit: her lawyer is Emmet Bondurant, Georgia's #1 "Super Lawyer" for the past three years straight (yes, this is an actual list, compiled by Law and Politics magazine in conjunction with Atlanta magazine based on attorney suggestions). Go, Super Lawyer, go.


Oconee Democrat said...

kick ass! Terry Holley signed on against NULLWOOD

Dawg Corleone said...

2 questions: Who the hell is Terry Holley?

And if the over/under for him vs Norwood is 40%, do you bet over? I'm going with under, way under unless CN coughs up another lung.

Anonymous said...

Terry Holley is from North Augusta. He is a real character, a genuine middle of the road to conservative Dem. He was a school teacher, is married to a school teacher, and is a jewelry store owner now. This means he has time to hit the road for the Dems. He was our Chair in the 9th, inherited the 10th, and is willing to do this for the party. I don't think he is naive enough to really think he can win this, but he's going to be on Tim Bryant tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:15, so listen to WGAU and maybe we'll all get to know him a little better.


Anonymous said...

When are you guys going to comment on Winders' Sunday column? Pretty amazing stuff.