Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

Been in Glitter Gulch for the past few days for a professional conference (if what "happens in Vegas" is your money, then yes, it stays there). Nice to see that in my absence we've been having an old-fashioned comment post-fest.

Yesterday was the beginning of qualifying for candidates. Still no Jane Kidd officially in the Senate or House race. We shall be monitoring the SOS website this week as time permits, and commenting on anything out of the ordinary. Let us know if you hear any skinny before that.


Anonymous said...

Jane will qualify for the Senate race, and Mac Rawson is going to qualify to run against Ralph Hudgens tomorrow.

James Garland said...

Hi All

I would have preferred that the AthPo editorial tandem post this as one of their topics, but find myself posting it as a reply instead. I’ve tried to e-mail them a couple of times through the blog over the past week (and a few times over the past months), but I’m unsure as to whether my messages are getting through. Regardless, here are synopses of the two messages in question:

The first announced my campaign web site, the URL for which is www.VoteGarland.org. I noted in my message that “Some folks will agree with my takes on the various issues, others will portray me as the devil himself (as I recall, the exact quote was ‘He's the raving, right-wing, Carl Jordan with a healthy dose of States McCarter mean-spiritedness.’ Be that as it may, politics is a contact sport so let the slings and arrows commence (and yes, I can mix metaphors with the best of them).” Besides which, I wasn’t sure which of the three of us was supposed to be offended.

The second was a press release kind of thing, saying that “As part of my campaign for the District 1 seat on the Athens-Clarke County Commission, I am making the following proposals:

The Commission should consider a reduction in the property tax millage rate in the general services district.

The Commission should provide basic governmental services (i.e. water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and fire protection) to all areas of the county.

The Commission should convene the Overview Commission every five years.

The Commission should transfer control of Ben Epps Airport to the Clarke County Airport Authority.

The Commission should rescind the local smoking ban.

The Commission should reconsider the "definition of family" ordinance as it pertains to the AR and RS zones.

The Commission should establish a separate and dedicated zoning category specifically tailored to mobile homes.

The Commission should ask Clarke County's legislative delegation to introduce local legislation in 2007 permitting a local referendum on a "floating" homestead exemption.

The Commission should ask Clarke County's legislative delegation to introduce a bill in 2007 that would take redistricting out of the hands of the General Assembly.

The Commission should create a "student-centered" commission district at the first opportunity.”

I managed to leave this one off the message:

“The Commission should restore the sanitary sewer lines deleted from the Public Utilities Department’s original Service Delivery Plan, particularly those projected for the Shoals Creek basin.”

See my web site for details on these proposals, information about me, etc.

As an aside, I spoke to the friendly folks down at the elections office yesterday afternoon. They tell me that they received an e-mail from the Board of Education the day after its last meeting, saying that the Board voted to hold its SPLOST 3 referendum in conjunction with the general election in November. If that is the case, a few (and I do mean a precious few) of us citizens succeeded in saving the taxpayers a wad of cash and getting the referendum held when more voters will be more inclined to participate. I say “if” because I can find nothing on the Board’s web site or in the Banner-Herald’s online archives to confirm that such a vote actually took place.

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Your messages got through James, it's just that they've fallen prey to the same conditions which caused our posting slowdown in general. Sorry bout that, and thanks for posting your info.

Publius said...

Yeah, I was actually going to put that up, but I guess I don't have to do that now.

James Garland said...

No problem. I know what it is like trying to balance, life, work, school, politics, etc.

Oconee Democrat said...

We apparently do have a candidate to take on Charlie Norwood

Publius said...

Jeez Dan, so cryptic. Spill it, brother!

Anonymous said...

we've heard lots of talk about taking on Charlie, I'll believe it when the fees are paid.
I've got the SOS site up and ready to refresh again, haven't checked it since 5...

Anonymous said...

just for fun -

Charlie Maddox's site is "Temporarily Down" which is a damn far site better than the stupid shit he had up

Tom Chasteen has finally posted a nice shiney new web site full of platitudes and features, proudly, his stupid shit excuse for why we should prostrate ourselves to Atlanta Republicans - is he an asshole or a dick or both?

Anonymous said...

In what I can only characterize as a huge mistake, it's official: Jane Kidd has qualified as a candidate for the senate race. Bill Cowsert is also qualified.

Doug McKillip has qualified for Kidd's house seat.